Atkins Family Medical Clinic announces staff changes

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Virginia Gay Hospital and the Atkins Family Medical Clinic are announcing changes to staff that will take effect in February 2020.

Stephanie Vogeler, PA-C, has submitted her resignation. Her last day with the organization will be Friday, February 28, 2020. She has been providing quality healthcare to patients in Atkins since 2012. “Although she will be missed, Virginia Gay Hospital administration and staff wish her well,” says Tammy Hicok, RN/BSN. Hicok is the Director of Operations for Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics.

The Atkins Family Medical Clinic will continue to operate with its current hours: Monday-Thursday 7 am-7 pm and Friday 7 am-4 pm. Samantha Isaac, PA-C, who has been at the clinic since April 2018, will remain and will be joined by Abigail Reiter, PA-C. Reiter will be transitioning from her current practice at the Vinton Family Medical Clinic. She has been with Virginia Gay since 2017. Both providers look forward to this opportunity to work together, providing healthcare for the Atkins community.

Medical records for patients seen by Stephanie Vogeler, PA-C, will remain with the Atkins Family Medical Clinic.

To schedule an appointment with Samantha Isaac, PA-C, or Abby Reiter, PA-C, at the Atkins Family Medical Clinic, please call 319-446-7800. For additional information on the Atkins Family Medical Clinic and Virginia Gay Hospital, please visit

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Stephanie Vogeler, PA-C

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Samantha Isaac, PA-C

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Abby Reiter, PA-C