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photograph of a blister pack and brown bottle of medicine and a number 1 in a pink circle

Small doses of adult medication are OK: NOT TRUE! Children and babies aren’t “little adults.” Their biology is fundamentally different; they should only be given medications designed for their age.

photograph of a stream of water being poured out of a plastic bottle and a number 2 inside of a blue circle

Babies need water when the weather is hot: NOT TRUE! Babies’ kidneys are not fully formed, and too much water can cause an imbalance of electrolytes. Babies should get adequate water intake from milk. Ask your provider when to start your baby on water.

A white wooden crib with white bumper pads inside and a number 3 inside of a pink circle

Bumpers protect babies’ heads in the crib: NOT TRUE! Soft objects like bumpers are a hazard for babies. Babies are also unable to generate enough force to cause injury to their heads even if they “bonk” themselves against the rail.

A thermometer with a purple end and a number 4 inside of a blue circle

Teething causes fever: NOT TRUE! Teething does not cause fever, and the risk is that an illness will be ignored rather than promptly treated. Fever is caused by illness, not the physical discomfort caused by the eruption of teeth.

Close up picture of a babys feet inside of a walker and the number 5 inside of a pink circle

Walkers help babies learn to walk earlier: NOT TRUE! Not only are walkers dangerous around steps and stoves, walkers can inhibit the development of a baby’s ability to walk. For entertainment, a standing disk without wheels is better.

(This article is part of Virginia Gay Hospital’s bi-annual publication, “Thrive” Spring/Summer 2018 issue. An online version of the entire publication can be found at https://myvgh.org/thrive/)

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