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“I tried to open the front door with the remote for my car.”

”answered the doorbell in the middle of the night instead of picking the baby up”

“folded a basket of dirty laundry”

“filled a sippy cup with milk for the dog”

“put baby in the car seat and left the groceries in the cart in the parking lot”

”put dirty makeup wipes in the jewelry box and threw away the earrings”

”panic-stricken over not being able to locate the baby… I was nursing”

(This article is part of Virginia Gay Hospital’s bi-annual publication, “Thrive” Spring/Summer 2018 issue. An online version of the entire publication can be found at https://myvgh.org/thrive/)

Virginia Gay Family Medical Clinics provide prenatal care to 30 weeks for pregnancies without complications. Well-child visits are available beginning after the first postpartum assessment, and children are cared for through adolescence. To schedule an appointment, call the clinic of your choice: Atkins, Urbana, Van Horne or Vinton Family Medical Clinic.

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