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Yesterday afternoon, we received guidance from Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) on the phased-in reopening of nursing homes. Phase I of the reopening plan does not change any of our current practices until we have 14 days without any positive or suspected cases in staff or residents. We have two staff members off at this time, and we will reevaluate once we have 14 days without having to remove staff from work due to screening positive with symptoms.  We have had no positive tests at this point, and 10 staff members have been tested.  Prior to moving to the next phase, all staff and possibly all residents will need baseline testing. The Centers from Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have made it clear that there are increased penalties for facilities that have issues with infection control, and States are to be making plans to conduct on-site inspections in addition to the telephone inspections that happened earlier during the pandemic. We continue to implement best practices to keep everyone healthy and safe. We want to reunite everyone, and are beginning to discuss what that looks like when we get to Phase III. Thank you for your continued patience during this time!

Jessica Henkle, BS, RN-BC, NHA

Director of Long Term Care Services

Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab

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Weekly Update on COVID-19:

0 Confirmed Cases



Wanda McNitt June 5

Kenny Ehlinger June 12

Marjorie Lahue June 17

James Stueck June 25


We have some new faces here at Nursing and Rehab. We are happy to have hired these individuals as temporary CNA’s.

Stormie Lokenvitz, Tracey Dunfee, Alyssa Slight, Hanna Timmerman, Kayla Griffith, Abbye Hendryx, Darwin Boots

For the safety of all our residents, we need to make sure that we remain distant, which includes when residents are outside in the courtyard. If you see that a resident is in the courtyard, please do not enter the area.  If dropping off supplies or gift packages for residents, please leave in the box and call 319-472-6280 to let us know. We will retrieve the item and deliver it to your loved one.


Supply Update: We received our first shipment of one weeks’ worth of PPE this week.  This includes protective eyewear, isolation masks, isolation gowns, and gloves.  Also, thanks to a donation from Hanes, we received a reusable cloth face mask for each staff member to use when not at work.  Thanks FEMA and HANES!  We continue to order supplies, and are looking ahead to the coming months to be sure we’re safe and well-prepared.


An update from Activities:

Another week has come and gone. It is June already. Hope you are all well. Since we cannot go out and see how the corn is growing, we have been watching it via pictures. When I first showed the picture of 5-19, one gentleman told me, “Now we just need some heat.” We have now had some heat; how much do we need? Yes, I hear now, “On hot summer nights, you can hear the corn grow.” I promise you all, I will not stand on this intersection in the middle of the night to get audio.

The weather was warmer, and we were able to get outside and get some fresh air. Everyone enjoyed being able to get out. It was warm but there was a nice breeze. It is usually never too warm for most of our residents. We still are doing exercises. Val keeps everyone going on the Nu-Step. We want to keep strong, as we do hope to be able to go on some outings again.

We had gotten some little games; a plastic cube with little silver balls inside and you must get them through a maze, or rings or all of them on a hole. They are so maddening! I am surprised none of them have gotten thrown. They may be driving us crazy but, we sure have had some laughs.

Thursday, June 4th was our Activity Assistant, Jen’s Birthday. She had treats for us all. We in here, just like everyone else out there that are not going anywhere, we like to eat! Happy Birthday Jen!

Speaking of eating, next Tuesday is National Fresh Fruit Day. We ordered a fruit platter from Fareway. Jen and I will hand out plates of fruit with fruit dip. You can try this at home, too. Thursday is National Cheese Day. Jen and I will make English Muffin cheese pizza. We thought we better put cheese with something, not just have a cheese platter. We do not want to create other issues. We make the pizzas in a small cookie oven we have, (not easy bake oven) and bring it to the dining room so we can smell the delicious aroma!

I mentioned last week the cute birdhouse pictures we painted. We have included a couple pictures of residents that were willing to show them.

Gene was our happy BINGO winner of the week! There are also pictures of some happy residents reading their mail. Good segue to remind everyone to keep sending cards and letters to your loved ones. They really enjoy them. Thank you to everyone that has. Thanks for the phone calls, FaceTime, Skype and window visits. We all need to connect to our loved ones. We worry about all of you too. Hope all have a wonderful week. Until next time, keep laughing.


Our residents showing us their works of art. They are very talented!

Residents enjoying the new day to day. Making the best out of it!



*For more information on Virginia Gay Hospital’s response to COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 Need to Know web page.