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Our week has been busy, as we received our vaccine on Dec 22nd. Thanks to your quick responses, we have been able to vaccinate 27 of our residents against COVID 19. Three residents declined the vaccine, and there are three more that we hope to vaccinate soon! The Moderna vaccine is a 2-dose series, and we will receive the 2nd dose in approximately 28 days. So far, 22 of the nursing staff have received or has plans to receive the vaccine, seven are unable as they are under 18 (Moderna is not approved for anyone under 18 years of age), four are undecided, and 17 do not currently plan to take the vaccine. I mailed hard copies of the vaccine information to all the families and they were also given to the residents today so we didn’t miss anyone.

Unfortunately, a staff member test positive this week, and we had a scare with an asymptomatic resident that tested positive with our antigen test. We sent a sample to the lab and confirmed this was a false positive resident. The staff member will recover at home and we will test the residents at least weekly until we have no further positive cases for 14 days.

We are so glad to have made it this far without having COVID in the building. This is because the residents, staff, and families care about each other and keeping everyone safe, even when it means hard personal sacrifice. As more people are vaccinated, we can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. I am so grateful to everyone for working with us to prevent damage that COVID can do. So, while this Christmas will look and feel different, keep connected in ways that are safer-phone, window visits, video chats, letters and cards. Once we have protection against the virus, plan a big celebration!

Happy Holidays to All!