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It may only be September but for the organizers of the Tenth Annual Holiday Tree Walk at Virginia Gay Hospital, it’s time to start thinking about trimming trees and decking the halls for the holidays.

Individuals and area organizations are invited to tap into their creativity and holiday spirit and join the fun for this year’s event by donating a decorated tree with all the trimmings in any style they choose. Their donations will be displayed in the hospital’s main lobby where the public and hospital staff will have the opportunity to bid on the fully decorated and ready to plug-in trees as part of a silent auction. Bidding will close just in time to take the displays home for the holidays.

Each year the Holiday Tree Walk is sponsored by both the Respiratory and Human Resource Departments at Virginia Gay Hospital with all money raised going towards the Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation’s Annual Campaign, Tree of Lights. As a non-profit facility, Virginia Gay Hospital operates completely independent of local and county tax dollars. The generosity of hospital staff and the community during the Tree of Lights campaign raises funds to improve the health and well-being of patients. This year will not be an exception, as funds collected will be used to make quality improvements for residents in Nursing and Rehab.

Trees can be of any size from tabletop height to those in the 6-7 foot range. Donors are encouraged to be creative and to even think outside of the traditional themes and decors. Kim Frank, Director of Human Resources and one of the event organizers shares, “Some of the ideas in the past have been a “Hawkeye Tree”, and “Old Fashioned Christmas,” and an “October Harvest Tree.”  She also welcomes potential donors to contact her at kfrank@vghinc.com for display ideas or to see if a theme is already in play for this year.

Anyone interested in donating a display should also email Kim Frank at that address as soon as possible to confirm participation. The email should include the approximate size of the display as well as the donor information (the business donating or individual who should be named on the display) so space can be reserved.

Set-up for the displays will take place on Thursday, November 1. A map of all the displays available for bidding will be made and the bidding will begin. Bidding will close on Tuesday, November 20 at 5 pm sharp. Winners will be notified on Wednesday, November 21 and the trees will be released with payment of the final bid.

Please visit www.myvgh.org for more information about Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics and www.myvghfoundation.org for more information about the Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation and the Tree of Lights Annual Campaign.

Eden Community Aid Tree Donation
Christmas night sky – Wine rack in the shape of a tree made out of horse shoes

Anyone interested in creating a display for the Tenth Annual Virginia Gay Hospital Tree Walk should contact Kim Frank as soon as possible by email at kfrank@vghinc.com. Examples of displays from last year included a more traditional tree titled “Christmas on the Farm” that was donated by Eden Community Aid (top photo) and a more contemporary display titled “Christmas Night Sky” donated by Kelly and Luke Henkle (bottom photo).