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Dr. Erica Silbernagel professional photo

Dr. Erica Silbernagel, D.O.

Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics is pleased to announce that Dr. Erica Silbernagel, D.O., will begin seeing patients on Monday, September 17th at the Vinton Family Medical Clinic. The Silbernagel family recently moved to Vinton and includes Erica, her husband Colman, and their 18 month-old son Lincoln.

The couples’ enjoyment of small-town living and being close to Erica’s parents in Monticello made Virginia Gay an attractive choice. “My parents still farm, though they are transitioning the farm to my brother,” says Erica. “I loved growing up in a small town where people know who you are and kids are accountable both to their families and the community. Colman also grew up outside a small town and we want Lincoln to have that experience, too.”

Dr. Silbernagel received her bachelor’s degree in nutrition at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University in Minnesota. She received her medical degree at the Des Moines College of Osteopathic Medicine and came to Virginia Gay’s family medicine clinic in Vinton after completing her residency in the La Crosse-Mayo Family Medicine Residency program.

The community’s financial support of the new clinic building in Vinton provided the office space and exam rooms needed to recruit additional providers. The hospital is still actively seeking a psychiatric nurse practitioner or a licensed independent social worker to staff the planned integration of primary care and mental health.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Silbernagel or any of the other healthcare providers at the Vinton Family Medical Clinic, please all 319-472-6300. For additional information on the Vinton Family Medical Clinic and Virginia Gay Hospital, visit www.myvgh.org.

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