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The Virginia Gay Hospital laboratory has been named a top 200 lab by Bio-Rad Laboratories for quality and timeliness of result testing. Bio-Rad specializes in life science research and clinical diagnostics and operates in 36 countries with annual sales of approximately $2.1 billion.

“Like many hospitals around the world, we buy products from Bio-Rad Laboratories to do quality control testing in our lab,” explains Tracey Herink, Virginia Gay’s Director of Laboratory Services. “Bio-Rad also pays us to do testing of their control materials before releasing them for sale. Along with the other 1,199 labs in the Value Assignment Program, we submit the results from our analyzers and under our testing conditions. The combined results from all those highly accurate labs then help establish the known value range for the analytes in each product.”

“To be in the top 200 of those 1,200 VAP labs is not only an honor, but Virginia Gay also has the opportunity to receive additional income from Bio-Rad as well,” said Herink. “This gives us the opportunity to increase laboratory revenue during this time of increasingly reduced reimbursement from insurance companies.”

The Virginia Gay Hospital lab completes more than 110,000 orders a year on patient samples, with some orders requiring as many as 15 separate tests. To maintain accuracy another 90,000 quality control tests are completed each year.

An Inside look at the Virginia Gay Hospital lab, located on the second floor of the adjoining Vinton Family Medical Clinic building. It was part of an expansion project completed in 2017.