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Robin Martin represented Virginia Gay Hospital in Washington, DC recently as part of group of education and business leaders from across the nation to discuss workforce needs, concerns about workforce shortages and the need for training to increase the pipeline of employees for in-demand positions with congressional offices. They were sponsored by Business Leaders United for Workforce Partnerships (BLU) and National Council of Workforce Education. Martin was joined by Amy Lasack (Kirkwood Community College) and Amanda Russell (Bazooka Farmstar) and met with Senator Joni Ernst, Representative Dave Loebsack and staffers for both Representative Rod Blum and Senator Chuck Grassley on the trip that took place the first week of December.

BLU is comprised of employers from a range of industries across the nation who are concerned about our nation’s skills gap, who are working with local partners to train and hire community residents for skilled jobs, and who want our country’s policymakers to follow suit and invest, aggressively and effectively, in the skills of America’s workers.

The collaboration between NCWE and BLU allows community colleges to leverage the employer voice as a messenger, to talk about what business truly needs when it comes to training, and how federal policies can better support access to job-driven training and credentials for their current and future workforce.

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