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We are officially four months into the COVID-19 pandemic. So many things have changed during this time. I know personally there were so many things I took for granted, and will be happy to enjoy once we get to the other side of this situation. We still remain in Phase I with healthy residents and staff. We also learned this week that we will not be allowed to let staff
assist with hair trimming but we cannot allow beauticians in to the building until we get to Phase II-which right now is dependent on the numbers in the county showing a downward trend for 14 days. We are continue to look for options to assist with hair maintenance and will let you know more when we have more information. Below is our progress towards Phase II:

  1. 14 days since last suspected case (met)
  2. Adequate staffing levels (met)
  3. Adequate PPE (met)
  4. Ability of local hospital to accept transfers (met)
  5. Capable of cohorting residents with dedicated staff in the in the case of suspected or
    positive cases (met-we have a plan in place)
  6. Downward trend in the county over 14 days (not met)
    This was our first week of outdoor visits. Our Activity Department has done a great job in
    coordinating these visits-please give them a hand when you see them! I have put the
    guidelines for the outdoor visits in again as you plan your visits. Please keep in mind, that if
    your loved one has dementia, they may not be able to leave a mask/face shield on. They
    can still participate in the visit, but they are at an increased risk and it will be very important
    to discuss with family to ensure everyone is on the same page about accepting the increased
    risk of the visit.
    • Visiting Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 830am-11am and 1pm-3:30pm (WEATHER
    • Each resident may have 2 visitors 18 and older during a visit; only 1 resident’s family may
    visit at a time
    • Visits will be 30 minutes in duration and must be scheduled in advance with the Activity
    Department by calling 319-472-6280 M-F 8a-430p; ask for Lori or Jen
    • Visitors will be screened for symptoms and fever prior to the visit; do not visit if you are ill
    • Visitor and residents (when able) must be willing to wear cloth mask and face shield
    during the entire visit provided by facility
    • Visits will be supervised by staff
    • Visitors must refrain from touching resident and maintain a 6 ft visit during the visit; the
    resident will remain inside the gate, the visitor will remain outside of the gate
    • Visitors and resident must hand sanitize before and after the visit
    • If there is a COVID outbreak in the facility, outdoor visits will be suspended until further
    notice -Jess Henkle, BS, RN-BC, NHA
    Director of Long Term Care

Congratulations to Kristy Cox
and Kaitlyn Halstead! We honor
their dedication as they recently
completed a continuing education course as certified medication aides through Hawkeye Community College to advance their careers in healthcare. Both
Kristy and Kaitlyn are members of the Virginia Gay Nursing & Rehab team.

Oh, How I Love Summer
Susan M. Gilbert

Though May did bring her deepest grey
And June did bring her
I woke this morn in a glorious way
To Sunshine in my room.

Quick, get up,
It’s time to rise.
Greet the day.
I started to cry.

For today,
It has begun.
It’s finally here,
The summer sun!

Feel her warmth,
See my garden grow,
Taste the sweetest fruits,
Watch the butterflies flow.

Hear the squirrels chatter
And my orioles swoon
Till the evening comes
With the summer moon
It seems like I’ve waited
Such a very long time,
Longing for the light of Your
rays of sunshine.

So please stay a while.
Bring your long, lazy days.
I’ll cherish each blue sky.
And ride every wave.

Oh, how I love summer
And all of her songs,
Happy summer to all,
And may it be long!

An Update from Activities:

Aloha from N&R! The weeks are just flying by. I cannot believe it is time to write this update to you already. We started outdoor visits with family and residents this week. Luckily for them, the weather was very nice. Not too hot, nice breeze, and no rain. That was good and the visits went well. Being hard to hear was the biggest concern other then the fact you have to wear a face mask and shield, you have to sit behind Plexiglas, 6’ apart, and you cannot hug, kiss, or touch at all. Besides that, it went well. Remember, the weather was good!!

We are surprised how long some of the ladies hair has gotten. Pictured is Carolyn, her hair was getting brushed and I could not believe how long it was. I had only known her with short hair. She told me she had long hair when her first child was born and her mom pushed for her to get her hair cut, so she did. Other than that, she has worn her hair short.

Last week we started making placemats with the day and date on
them to put on the lunch trays. With the way things are and people
are out of their routine, it gets hard at times to know what day it is. We will try this for a while and see if the residents find it helpful.

This week we painted pictures, did a craft that was a basket of things we were thankful for. Family was top of the list. Jen is going to put these together and put them up on the wall in the dining room. I will try and remember to get pictures.

Today we are having our favorite treat…POPCORN. All have been excited and salivating all day. It tastes so good and the smell…divine! We will end the week with our Mobile Happy Hour Drink Cart. We have a few new items on our menu. One is called, Pineapple upside down cake. It is pineapple juice, McGillicuddy’s, Vanilla Schnapps and a splash of half &
half. That one is yummy! Barefoot Moscato-wine and different flavored wine coolers. We ave the regular’s; beer, Canadian Club and Rum.

Next week we are celebrating National Hawaiian Day, which was July 5th . Why Hawaiian day is celebrated in July, I do not know. Hawaii became the 50th state in August of 1959. Hawaii has long been a strategic military installation. Its location in the Pacific has been vital to U.S. Naval operations for decades. Hawaii is the only US state located outside North America and the only island state. We are having a Luau Party on Monday and Luau Lunch on Friday. Maintenance is grilling for us and we are also having Hawaiian Tacos, Hawaiian Macaroni salad, and pineapple upside-down cake (the real cake, not the drink). So, if any of you want to don a grass skirt and coconut bra, you are more than welcome to come around
our windows and hula for us! We definitely want pictures of that!

So, Aloha, until next week.
Stay safe, healthy and keep laughing.