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We are happy to report that we remain well and healthy! We learned on our weekly COVID Call with the Iowa Health Care Association (IHCA) that IHCA has drafted and submitted a plan for phased reopening of nursing homes to the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH). We continue to await guidance from the state on what the phased in reopening requirements would look like. As of now, we will have to continue our phone, virtual or through the door visits. We are eager to get back to normal, but want to do so in the safest way possible. We appreciate the generosity and compassion everyone has shown during this difficult time. We know it is not easy, and we appreciate your patience as we navigate these uncharted waters.

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FYI: Dietary’s name will be changing to Food and Nutrition Services.

An update from the Activities Department:

Another week has passed. Hope all of you had an enjoyable Memorial

Day weekend. We had a new treat for Memorial Day, blue popcorn.

Made it in our popcorn popper the regular way but add sugar and food coloring. Everyone seemed to like it. We do not have a problem getting rid of popcorn here. We talked about Memorial Day and what it means and memories of those we have lost. The conversations were bitter sweet.

Conversation this week were also about; “I am sure glad I don’t have to mow the yard. The grass is going to be growing like crazy.” True statement, it sure is. “Hope we don’t have any tornados” Memories of tornados or bad storms we remember. Some of the stories were very frightening, hope we don’t have to endure anything like some of the memories that were shared.

We painted a cute birdhouse picture. I will have to get pictures of them for you all. Watch for them next week. We did some different kind of word puzzles, crossword, word search. The word search is the favorite.

It seems as if we were busy, and did quite a bit, even though it was a short week. We had Pizza donated for the staff by the Iowa Corn Farmers and St. Croix Hospice. That was a wonderful treat. The community has shown us so much support. We thank you all! We are truly blessed.

Tomorrow we will have our Bingo Finale and Saturday Jen is going to come in and have a mobile Happy Hour. We are planning for June; and we are hoping we have some beautiful days that we can get outside for some fresh air. That is great for everyone. Stay safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and keep laughing!







*For more information on Virginia Gay Hospital’s response to COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 Need to Know web page.