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Dancing isn’t just for entertainment; it’s also therapeutic. This activity is something that anyone can enjoy and can be modified to meet your specific needs.

As we age, people experience a decline in physical and cognitive abilities. There are many ways to fight these declines, one of which is dancing. A recent study followed a group of seniors who took an hour-a-week dance class and noticed that dancing improved motor skills, balance, posture, reaction time, agility, cognitive ability and their overall sense of well-being with no harmful cardio-respiratory effects.

Also, dancing can enhance bone health, which declines as we age. Because of the constant moving dancing requires, bone cells are stimulated continuously, which means less frailty and fewer broken bones. Seniors who experience a more sedentary life will experience more bone loss than those who participate in vigorous or stimulating movement, like dancing.

Overall, dancing is a fun activity that provides the elderly with a healthy brain and body stimulation allowing them to stay spry, furthering the quality of life in the golden years.

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