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In a society where 705,000,000 vacation days go unused annually, it’s difficult to allow ourselves to take time off physically, mentally and emotionally to rest and recharge. So, when you’re standing on the beach but your mind is still in the office that you left the day before, how do you unplug, unwind and truly get into the vacation mentality? Here are eight tips on how to snap into vacation mode:

  1. Stay Within Your Budget. If a long, expensive break is out of the question, consider more frequent short vacations. There’s no need for added stress caused by a negative bank account upon returning from your trip.
  2. Get Your Work In Order Before You Go. Work extra hard before you leave to get caught up on tasks, let people know you’ll be gone and set up out-of-office notifications with a person to contact in your absence.
  3. Remind Yourself That You Deserve A Vacation. It’s important to take breaks to gain perspective, boost creativity, relax and recharge.
  4. Don’t Worry About What You Should Be Doing. Vacation looks different for everybody. However you decide to spend your time off, make sure it serves your interests.
  5. Redirect Any Problems That Pop Up While You’re Away. If something pops up while you’re on vacation, pass it on to others, you don’t have to tackle it yourself.
  6. Try Meditating. A quick ten-minutes of meditation is an excellent way to start your day and will help you to unplug while on vacation.
  7. Set Up Connectivity Ground Rules. If you have to monitor what’s happening at work or home, set up some guidelines, like only checking your phone in the morning and midday, so you don’t spend all day answering emails or on your phone.
  8. Ease Back Into Reality. Try to schedule your flight back home so that you have a day to readjust to real life before going back to work.

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