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Governor Kim Reynolds – extended Public Health Disaster Emergency until August 23rd, 2020, at 11:59 PM.

Window visits, video chats, phone calls, and letters will continue to stay connected with your loved one! We are hoping by the end of the week the 2nd portable phone for residents to communicate with families will be up and functioning.

Benton County has not started to trend downward in the amount of COVID-19 cases. With the county numbers rising, and our new suspected cases (not confirmed) we are unable to progress to Phase II of the Long Term Care Reopening Plan.
We continue to work with local public health and use resources from the Iowa Department of Public Health, CDC and our associations on best practices to keep staff and residents safe

  1. 14 days since last suspected case (not met)
  2. Adequate staffing levels (met)
  3. Adequate PPE (met)
  4. Ability of local hospital to accept transfers (met)
  5. Capable of cohorting residents with dedicated staff in the in the case of suspected or positive cases (met-we have a plan in place)
  6. Downward trend in the county over 14 days (not met)

    Lisa Stein, RN
    Nurse Manager

Working at Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab taught me to
take the time to listen to and communicate with residents. To learn their life stories and know the things they like. That a smile and a kind word or just the smallest simple thing may brighten their day. I have learned so many things from residents and coworkers through the years. It has been an honor to work with everyone in all departments- present and past. I have so many memories stored in my heart that I will cherish forever.

~Leeann Sauer

An Update from Activities:
As we wind up for the month of July here are just a few things the
residents got to enjoy:
• Last week our bingo winners were Karmen, Roxy, and Janette.
• We had a Laua lunch on Friday for our resident’s with some
BBQ pork and pineapple tacos and cheeseburgers with the
fixings they seemed to really enjoy that.
• Monday we had our annual Birthday Bash for all our residents
who had a birthday in July. Everyone got to enjoy some
homemade cupcakes and vanilla ice cream.
• We had a painting craft on Wednesday, pictures of them will
be up next week.

•A few residents got to enjoy window
visits from their families. Those always seem to
brighten a resident’s day up. Always remember
you can write a letter send a card, facetime, skype or do our
window visits to keep in touch with your loved ones.


Life recently has been
“A Little Bit Wild”!

The Party In Pink 5k Run/Walk is usually held in late June, but due to wildness of COVID-19 was delayed. And while it has a unique twist on it
this year with the virtual run
component, it is still a very important and worthwhile cause! Runners and walkers will either participate in the inperson race this Friday, July 31st or
participate by choosing their own route and submit their results.
Registrations will still be taken until Friday for the in-person race and until
August 1st for the virtual race.


One of the things that a lot of people look forward to in the summer is all the fairs and fair food. The fried foods, rides, food on a stick, and games bring joy and excitement to everyone who attends these events.
With the social distancing and health guidelines right now most fairs are not able to proceed like normal. Some have just cancelled while others are holding “taste of the fair” days with some of the food vendors. The Iowa State Fair, which has been going on since 1854, is not currently happening but last weekend and this coming weekend people are able to go and get some of the tasty treats.

Along with some unusual menu items like rattlesnake sausage and apple pie eggrolls, other food items that are offered are:
• corn dogs
• cinnamon rolls
• fried Oreos’, Twinkies, Snickers, and other candy bar
• funnel cakes
• turkey legs
• bbq sandwiches
• fried chicken
• gyros
• fresh squeezed lemonade

The other fun thing a lot of Iowans look forward to at the state fair is the Butter Cow. Did you know that the butter cow comes in weighing about 600 pounds, which is almost half of what a real dairy cow weighs!?

Another fun fact is that the Butter Cow would be able to butter about 19,200 slices of toast and take an average of two lifetimes for the average person to completely consume (according to the Iowa State Fair website). The Butter Cow currently will be making an appearance at the Butter Cow Festival on August 14th and 15th in Des Moines. We want to have the residents enjoy some of the fun food from fairs so we will be having a fair food
luncheon coming up on August 7th. Favorites will be served and pretzel bites with cheese sauce will be a snack next week as well.

Enjoy the warm weather and fun foods as summer will be coming to an end before we know it. Until next time!

Sara Wattnem and the Food & Nutrition Staff