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Various Apps on a smartphone

What do you do if your phone has gotten in the way of the people and tasks that are important to you? Take back your time by creating the phone you want.


Committing to a distraction-free phone can be a scary thought, try with a two-hour experiment and delete every distracting app. Remember that it is effortless to re-install those apps – It takes just a matter of minutes.


Here’s what you do:


  1. What’s your reason why? Do you want to spend more time with family? Pick up a hobby? Find your purpose, and it’s easier to remember why you got rid of those apps in the first place.
  2. Set expectations. Your colleagues and friends have gotten used to you responding almost instantly. Tell them that you’re refocusing your “off time” on what’s important.
  3. Delete entertaining apps like social media, news, streaming apps and remove web browsers. You can always check these apps on different devices, or re-download for a short time.
  4. Delete productivity apps. In most situations, the topic of that email you just read could’ve waited until the next day. Stay in the present by asking yourself: Can it wait until tomorrow?


If the idea of erasing ALL of your apps is a little too intimidating, try with one or two of the apps you find most distracting. We live in a distracting world, and moments, where we are 100% present, are hard to come by. Take back your tech – and your time.

Adapted from the article entitled, “Six Years With a Distraction-Free iPhone” by Jake Knapp.

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