Urbana Family Medical Clinic celebrates expansion of services

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URBANA, IA, – Virginia Gay Hospital and the Urbana Family Medical Clinic celebrated the recent completion of an expansion project at the Urbana clinic with a ribbon-cutting and open house on Thursday, November 21. The community was invited to tour the updated facility with the notable enhancements of four exam rooms, x-ray services, a larger waiting room, a community pharmacy, and an additional primary care provider. The updated clinic has nearly double the space.

Michele Burnes, PA-C, began seeing patients at the Urbana Family Medical Clinic when it first opened in 2002. She is now joined by Pam Keel, ARNP, and is pleased that the clinic is growing to continue to meet the health needs of those in Urbana and Center Point areas.

“I feel that the clinic expansion with the addition of x-ray and pharmacy services gives us a one-stop approach for total care. I’m excited to have Pam Keel as a partner. She has been getting very positive reviews from our patients and staff. We are here to develop truly caring relationships with the community,” states Burnes.

Both Burnes and Keel are focused on family medicine as well as urgent care needs for their patients. Both providers will now have in-clinic access to basic x-rays for patients who may need those services. They are also able to manage prenatal care for expectant mothers, up to 30 weeks.

Another notable aspect of the expansion project was the addition of a full-service pharmacy for the community. Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics partnered with Dan LaGrange of LaGrange Pharmacy, Vinton, to offer services conveniently located within the same building as the clinic. Patients are now able to fill commonly prescribed medications and purchase many over-the-counter products before they ever leave the building.

The pharmacy is a second location for owner/pharmacist, Dan LaGrange. LaGrange pharmacy has been a mainstay of Vinton business for five generations. “We’re looking forward to the work of helping coordinate care in cooperation with Urbana clinic staff. I think patients benefit when there is a close working relationship between health care providers and pharmacists,” said LaGrange. “It’s easier to have a close working relationship when we’re right down the hall from each other.”

The clinic is currently open on Monday and Tuesday, 8 am-6 pm; Wednesday, 8 am-5 pm; Thursday 8 am-Noon; and Friday 8 am-5 pm. Pharmacy hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am-6 pm.

Michele Schoonover, CEO of Virginia Gay Hospitals and Clinics, says the updates and expansion at Urbana, like past projects at the VGH clinics in Van Horne and Atkins, shows Virginia Gay’s commitment to providing excellent care for all Benton County residents. “Having a clinic close to home is more important than it has ever been because a majority of the healthcare delivered by primary care providers is to manage chronic illnesses. Instead of infrequent visits when there is a significant health concern, today’s patients must often work very closely with their provider to maintain and optimize health.”

To schedule an appointment with Michele Burnes or Pam Keel, please call 319-443-500. Additional information about providers, Burnes and Keel, and the Urbana Family Clinic may be found online at myvgh.org.

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