Lab Services

Laboratory Services

Laboratory results matter! You can be assured the VGH Laboratory Services has a state-of-the-art laboratory testing facility and a team of dedicated and experienced laboratory professionals always at the ready.

Skilled laboratory technicians with a combined 107 years of services promptly, and with careful attention to detail process each specimen with care in our climate-controlled laboratory to ensure your results are absolutely accurate.

Our Laboratory Services strictly follows industry standard procedures, adheres to established laboratory protocols, and recognizes that a majority of clinical decisions are affected by laboratory results.


Diagnostic Tests

Our clinical laboratory testing services include: blood tests, body fluid testing, tissue pathology and cytology, health screening and monitoring tests, and drug screening and testing.

Specimen Collection

Specimen (e.g., blood tests, body fluid testing, tissue pathology, etc.) collection is an integral part of Laboratory Services. Our standardized procedures for specimen collection ensure valid and timely laboratory results.

Medication Monitoring

Therapeutic medication monitoring is aimed at improving patient care by individually adjusting the dose of drugs for which clinical experience or clinical trials have shown it improved outcome in the general or special populations.

General Wellness Screenings

Regular physical exams and health screening tests are an important part of your healthcare. Your test results provide a snapshot of your current health and reveal opportunities to make healthy changes. Health screening tests can also help detect problems early, which is often the key to successful treatment.

Children and Well-Baby Screenings

All children need to have regular well child check-ups. Good health care helps create a good foundation for growth and development. Regardless of age, well child check-ups are important for all infants, children and adolescents. Don’t take good health for granted. Sometimes a child who appears healthy has a hidden medical problem. Well child care is important so problems can be found early.