Legacy Circle

The VGH Health Care Foundation Legacy Circle is a partnership of supporters who have contributed to the Tradition of Giving established by Virginia Walcutt Gay when she gave the city of Vinton $50,000 ($1,000,000 in today’s valuation) to build a hospital. Each Legacy Circle contributor has given $10,000 or more to support the mission of Virginia Gay Hospitals and Clinics. Some of these gifts have been cash, many of them were gifts from people who included the hospital in their estate plans. Bequests through wills and trusts, annuity plans, or life insurance arrangements are all commonly used vehicles for leaving gifts to the Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation. The Legacy Circle partnership recognizes donors who have made a gift as outlined above and will include friends who have notified us of an inclusion in their estate planning.

Robin Martin,
VGH Foundation Office
502 N. 9th Ave.
Vinton, IA 52349
Phone (319) 472-6375

Thank You Donors

Abernathy, Dr. Chad D. and Sorina and Family
Albert, Roger and Dorothy
Anderson, John and Beverly
Anderson, John and Dottie
Anderson, Robert
Anonymous- Two Gifts
Anthony, Dr. S.L. and Dottie
Barron, Charles and Rita
Beam, Ida
Benton County Community Foundation
Big Timber, Inc.
C.R. Radiology
Carlson Estate
Cedar Valley Bank and Trust
Clickstop, Inc.
Clingman, Jon and Julie
Colston, Grace
Cram, James and Virginia
Cummings, Charles
Detwiler, Mary Edith Sikes
Donels, Alice C.
Dowd, Ron and Kay
East Central REC
Edwards, Families of Emma Belle & Dale W.
Eells, Don and Gwen
Elgin, Drs. Pete and Michelle
Elwick, Keith and Janet
Elwick, Mike and Cindy
Ervin, Keith and Katherine
Farmers Savings Bank & Trust
Fischer, Bennett and Yvonne
Flechner, Vernon
Fry, Dr. G.A. and Nadine
Fry, J.W.
Gates, Dave and Sue
Gilchrist, Louise
Griffin, Dr. C.C.
Grovert, John F.
Grubb, Natalie
Gulick, Warren

Gunn, Wm. Donald
Hackbarth, Craig and Brenda
Hansen, Gilbert and Rose
Harrison, Robert and Ann
Hawkeye Bank of Vinton
Herger, George and Jean
Herger, Henry
Hite, Dave and Marcia
Hite, Esther Ann
Hodgson, James and Jackie
Holst, Leroy
Hopper, William
Ideal Industries, Inc.
Iowa Medical Clinic
Jammer, Lloyd and Jean
Jones, Paul
Karr Tuckpointing
Karr, Kurt and Lu
Kerdus, Dick and Roberta
Ketchen, John
Kinsel, Mark
Kirk, A. B.
Kirkland, L.J.
Knuth, Margaret
Kremer, Jon and Kristina
LaGrange Pharmacy
LaGrange, Bob and Jane
Lariviere, Dr. Gene and Kathy
Lyons, Patrick and Ann
Maile, Inez
Manatt’s Inc.
Mangold, Jeff and Dr. Margaret
Mann, Ted and Jeanne
Mayhew, Marlyn
McAllister, Jack and Marilyn
McDowell, Jack and Marjorie
Meek, Arlene
Meeker, Dr. Brian and Linda
Merchant, Derald and Karen

Michael, Deloris
Miller, Jeanette
Monahan, Dr. Joseph II
Mossman, Keith and Becky
Mossman, Mark and Kathy
Murphy Memorial Golf Tournament, Rick and Paula Murphy
Murphy, Rick and Paula
Narber, Emeric
Packingham, Trent and Dawn
Primus, David and Rebecca
Riege, Michael and Beverly
Rodgers Family; Maude, Della, Hazel, Warren
Sanders, Verle and Janet
Schmidt, Dr. Duane and Diane
Schminke, Dean and Jane
Schoettmer, John and Jacqueline
Schwab, Rev. John P.
Schwaberau, Lula
Strauch, A.C.
Strawn, John and Olive
Timmer, Mark and Carol
T-J Gas, Tom and Eunice Pingenot
Traer, Marcia E.
US Bank
Van Land Corporation, Van Steenhuyse Family
Vermedahl, Dave and Lisa
Weideman, Dr. D.C.
Weideman, Yvonne
Werner, Richard and Gladys
Werning, Darlene
Werning, Edwin and Melba
Will, Margaret
Williams, Dennis and Ann
Williams, Richard and Janet
Yundt, Charles and Helen
Yundt, John and Lynn
Zimmer, Van and Julie

Virginia Walcutt Gay

Rodgers Family – (Maude, Della, Warren, Hazel)/Henry and Maude Herger

Maude, Della, Warren and Hazel had a deep commitment to the welfare of the community with values of living frugally, thriftiness, generosity, and giving of their energy and money to insure the existence of Virginia Gay Hospital. Those who knew them did not describe them as stingy, but charming and perhaps slightly eccentric. Strongly religious, straightforward, honest, friendly, educated and generous. Two girls were school teachers and Warren was a veteran. Hazel Rodgers was a resident of the VGH Annex and the last survivor of her siblings. She was known as being cheerful and having a love for music and literature. The Rodgers Trust was established in 1971, which conveyed property to Vinton’s hospital. The Rodgers Trust supported the hospital expansion and renovations in 1975.

One of the Rodgers daughters, Maude, married Henry Herger. They had a deep commitment to the hospital.  It was with the death of Maude Herger that prompted careful estate planning. The Herger Trust supported the building of the hospital in 1974.

Maude and Henry’s son, George Herger, served on VGH Board for 15 years from 1979 to 1994.  He is included with Board members with more than 10 years of service. During his tenure, the hospital added a radiology suite, emergency and trauma area, the lab was completely remodeled, and he gave much guidance to the “Investment in our Future” campaign. Many other organizations in Vinton were recipients of both families generosity.

Michael Riege 

Mike Riege served as VGH Administrator for over 26 years from 1992 to Jan. 2019. Virginia Gay Hospital was in terrible financial condition when Mike became the Administrator.  His leadership turned the hospital around during a very difficult time. Mike transformed Virginia Gay into an excellent healthcare institution focused on family medicine that serves the entire county.

During his tenure, millions of dollars were raised to improve the facility and make state-of-the-art treatment and diagnosis equipment available. Local clinics were also constructed in Van Horne, Urbana and Atkins.

Hospital and Clinic construction campaigns and numerous remodels and renovations were done to increase accessibility to quality of care in Vinton and the surrounding communities.

Behavioral health steadily increased and Mike made it a mission to integrate its services with family medicine. In a 2018 article of Thrive, Mike credits George Garwood as the person who inspired the generosity that created the hospital’s trust fund, and it was the trust that kept the hospital open during the darkest of times.

Mike continued the legacy of George Garwood by understanding that the contributions of others has sustained Virginia Gay Hospital as a thriving rural independent healthcare facility.

John and Beverly Anderson

John and Beverly Anderson’s generosity of spirit is unrivaled. Helping provide the community with access to excellent healthcare has long been at the top of John and Bev’s list of community involvement. John served on the Health Care Foundation Board for 12 years from 2006 to 2018. He co-chaired the “Commitment for Caring” Capital Campaign with Keith Mossman renovating Virginia Gay and upgrading much of the equipment and has provided leadership in numerous other campaigns.

John and Beverly have made a life-time of being the utmost benefactors for Virginia Gay Hospital.  Their positive impact is seen throughout our community whether it be the hospital, schools, land development, parks, arts, athletics and so much more.

It is hard to put into words the immeasurable difference John and Beverly Anderson have made in the lives of our community and our hospital.  Their overwhelming selfless gifts of service and investment have increased our overall quality of life.