Prenatal Care

Every pregnancy is unique, and whether it’s your first baby or you’re an experienced mother, the cravings, symptoms and rapidly growing baby you’re about to experience may be like nothing you’ve known before. That’s why it’s important to choose a provider you can trust and feel comfortable with as you ask questions and share concerns.

Quality care is available close to home with the providers you know and who are familiar with your medical history. Prenatal care at Virginia Gay is provided up to 30 weeks gestation for a healthy single pregnancy. After 30 weeks, or if you’re experiencing a high-risk pregnancy or expecting more than one baby, your Virginia Gay provider will facilitate an appointment with a specialist. The providers at Virginia Gay have excellent relationships with many OB-GYN specialty clinics located in both Waterloo and Cedar Rapids.

A mother-to-be will have prenatal appointments every four weeks during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. In weeks 29 through 36, the appointments are typically every two weeks until 36 weeks. From week 36 appointments with your OB will occur weekly until birth. However, the number of times you visit your health care provider may vary due to your medical history or complications.

Virginia Gay Family Medical Clinics located in Atkins, Urbana, Van Horne and Vinton all offer prenatal care.