Virginia Gay Nursing & Rehab LLC

Trust is an essential component to any care program. Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab has been entrusted with the care of older adults since 1962. While times have changed, our mission to provide our residents with quality care they can trust remains steadfast.

Our Nursing and Rehab services are designed to care for patients with either long or short-term and temporary needs.

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Customer Satisfaction & Quality Measures:

Long Term Services We Offer

We recognize when you entrust us with long-term nursing care for your loved ones, you’re trusting us to oversee their health, safety and well-being. We will be there to meet the needs of each resident when they are unable to remain at home or have rehabilitation or respite needs. We provide around-the-clock care in a safe, comforting place residents can call home. Onsite medical professionals are available to meet each resident’s unique medical, physical, and emotional needs. You can be assured we’ll take good care of your loved ones.

Short-Term/Therapy Services We Offer

For residents that plan to return home, we provide temporary, quality onsite residential care and therapy to those residents that qualify, giving patients time to recover in a nurturing and safe environment. Working together, we design a recovery plan designed to help patients return home to independent living. Our close connection with Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics, collocated on site, offers the convenience of easy scheduling of doctor appointments and therapy treatments.

Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab is committed to providing quality care for our all our residents. Our facility has been recognized with the following awards and accomplishments:

National Nursing Home Honor Roll
Top 15% of Nursing Homes in the U.S. (NNHQCC)

National Healthcare Safety Network Trailblazer
for the State of Iowa (NHSN)

Customer Experience, Pinnacle®

5-Star Rating

Deficiency Free
Multiple Deficiency Free Surveys

National Healthcare Safety Network
Certificate of Achievement:
CDI Reporting and Reduction Project

Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab has received Best-in-Class quality awards in 12 categories of care for 2023:

  • Admission Process
  • Communication
  • Dining Service
  • Individual Needs
  • Laundry Service
  • Nursing Care
  • Overall Customer Experience
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Professional Therapy Services
  • Recommend to Others
  • Response to Problems
  • Safety and Security

The awards are from Pinnacle, an independent company, conducting surveys of VGH Nursing and Rehab patients and their loved ones. The surveys are anonymous and are conducted over the phone. Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab has received these quality awards since 2017.

Every year, Pinnacle Quality Insight awards clients who have excelled at providing a superior customer experience for their patients/residents. Receiving a Customer Experience Award is no small feat. Out of the 2,700 care providers we have and the 150,000 customer interviews we conduct each year, only those that are the 85th percentile or higher receive this award.